Locust, Honey & Apples Energy Bars (3)

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Israeli locust, honey and biblical ingredients energy bars mix.
Locust products are delicious and have a mild and neutral flavor that are well blended into other biblical ingredients, making them easily adaptable for an array of different food products.
Sourced from the banks of the Jordan river in the Holy Land of Israel Biblical Protein was created – a modern day Biblical experience you will never forget.
11 grams of protein.
Contain omega-3, omega-6, iron, zinc & folic acid.

No GMO, No dairy, No soy

Allergens notice: May contain gluten, crustacean shellfish, fish.

Please take note supply times are longer than usual (45 days)

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1 review for Locust, Honey & Apples Energy Bars (3)

  1. Jami

    Haven’t tried these, but you can’t claim they’re Biblically Kosher and also say they may contain shellfish

    • Dror Tamir

      Thank you for your message.
      Locust are insects and are related to the crustacean family.
      We conduct frequent tests of allergens that so far showed no findings.
      However, we prefer to notify our customers that there may be an impact and therefor add a warning of shellfish allergens (There is no shellfish in our products).
      We continuously research our product in order to be able in the near future to ensure customers are allergens free.

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