Unbelievable yet true, the locust is one of the most efficient sources of protein God and nature have ever produced

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Nutritious and Healthy

Researches have praised locust for its high nutritional content. Nutrients found in locust can strengthen and nourish our bodies


Locust farming has 100-fold less impact on the environment compared to other farm animals


Locust is the only kosher approved insect mentioned in the Bible

Locust is a unique living creature God created

  • Enormous strength – jumps 20 times its body length
  • Stamina & endurance – can fly 200 km a day
  • Outstanding growth rate – in just 2 weeks, it multiplies its body weight by 15 fold
  • Fertility – each generation can multiply its population by 100 fold

Why Biblical Protein?

Many years ago  in Israel, on the banks of the Jordan river, John the Baptist lived and ate natural healthy food: “His food was locust and wild honey…,” as it says in Matthew 3:4. Today, it may seem unusual to consume these winged creatures; yet their nutrients have been hidden for thousands of years in the Middle East, where locust has been eaten fresh as a food source, or dried and stored for leaner times.

Now more than 2000 years later, in the same area just miles from where John the Baptist lived, the first commercial locust farm in the world has been established – producing a variety of delicious products from one of the most fascinating insects on the face of the Earth.