Locusts can feed the world:

1 billion people around the globe suffer from insufficient protein in their nutrition


Researches have praised locust’s nutritional content. Biblical Protein’s locusts contain 70% protein, all the essential amino acids, omega-3, omega-6, iron, zinc and folic acid and low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. Biblical Protein is at the forefront of ongoing research, constantly exploring the health benefits of our locust protein to ensure we are maintaining the highest quality standards in our products. Our locusts are fed high-quality wheat grass grown without fertilizers and pesticides. The processing techniques are minimal because the locusts are sold whole as finished products requiring no separation or extraction. Independent research indicates there are numerous health benefits of consuming locust. To learn more, click on the research following links:


Biblical Protein and Hargol FoodTech are operating in the northern frontiers of Israel, providing employment for young Israelis in this rural area of the country who suffer from lower than average employment rates.
The company dedicates a minimum of 15% of its workforce for persons with disabilities.

Locusts offer a viable food source for many people in Africa and Asia, and most recently in America and Europe. However, since wild supply sources are limited and only available four weeks out of the year, this results in high prices. Our cutting-edge locust farming technology provides these populations an efficient protein source of high-quality locust year-round. Our locusts can help feed the world!


Locust are one of nature’s most efficient protein sources. When comparing locust to beef, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 98.8%, water consumption by 1,000-folds, arable land usage by 1,500-folds and 100% of the animal is being used as in food products compare to less than 50% in other animals (source: FAO).

Since no fertilizers and pesticides are used during the locust growing process, the environmental impact such as contamination of the water, air and soil sources is minimal.

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Biblical Protein and Hargol FoodTech’s locust can provide an answer to global food security and health challenges.
We are collaborating with Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Economics to bring our technology to all corners of the globe.